D0 Live Event status.

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Store status


last new event detected


currently displaying


Note the conditions necesssary for a current live event to be displayed:

  1. the "live_update.bash" script must be running; if so it updates every 30 seconds.
  2. the store status must be "In store". See here for the actual output from the "coorinfo store" command; [note; this is currently disabled, since it is unreliable]

the online d0ve_x, with argument "-daq" must be running, and displaying the standard four views in the control room. See here for the output of a "ps -Af | grep d0ve_x" command. You should see two instances, one with -daq_lego for the legoplot display, and the required -daq.
To start it,
Login “d0evd” account on screen-0

of  d0ol113, Then type “go_d0ve.sh”

  1. The event cannot be empty; this is measured in a klugy way by requiring that the length of the legoplot jpeg file be large.

In the above conditions are satisfied, the event is displayed, and added to the circular buffer for display when a new event is not available.



Lego Plot

XY (end) View

RZ (side) View

3D View


Last Live







live Lego Plot

live XY (end) View

live RZ (side) View

last live 3D View


Display identical to that seen on the FNAL inquiring minds page:


D0 Live Event Display

3D View

Lego Plot

XY (end) View

RZ (side) View

Explanation of images

Last update: 08/07/2004T. Burnett